Tips to prevent and reduce sagging

Both men and women, early or late, we will be “victims” of sagging.

This may be caused due to various factors. One of the most common is the passage of time. Proteins that support the skin and keep it attached on the muscles, such as collagen or elastin, over time become less effective. If we add other factors such as obesity, lack of exercise and poor diet. It will get before sagging.

One way to reduce muscle flaccidity is to exercise. Particularly those involving a localized work: fitness, a gym located with barbells, dumbbells or swimming. It is advisable to perform high impact activities until the muscle has its tone again, otherwise, it would appear another great enemy: cellulite.

After physical activity should shower immediately and if possible with cold water. It tightens the muscles.

Eating a healthy diet including foods that are high values of vitamin A and high in fiber is also ideal.

Being hydrated is essential, and if possible a firming massage is also very effective to restore the skin’s tone.

Be careful during the summer with sun exposure, because if it is too much and the skin is very clear. The sun’s rays deteriorate the collagen and elastin, leading to the appearance of sagging, wrinkles and skin blemishes.

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